What I Didn’t know: The Truth About Prenatal Anxiety and Depression

Last month, I had the amazing honor of speaking at the March for Moms, on a huge stage in front of the US Capitol.

The experience, for me, was so moving that I have yet to put it into plain words.

I met the most AMAZING people, all fighting for the same thing: better maternal care for all. I met survivors, advocates, those who have loved and those who have lost. I spoke on maternal mental health, and connected with the most incredible souls. One such soul is someone you may have heard of. She is the Founder and CEO of Every Mother Counts, “a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy & childbirth safe for every mother.”

Her name is Christy Turlington, and her outside beauty is only rivaled by her most beautiful spirit.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 4.15.33 PM

We met at the VIP reception on the night before the event and we shared a little bit about our work and our experience and she accepted a copy of my book, said she would be in touch.

And she was.

While I will write so much more about my experience at March for Moms and some of the key players who made it happen, I am humbled, now, to present a piece of wrote for the Every Mom Counts site.

Here, I share What I Didn’t know: The Truth About Prenatal Anxiety and Depression.

Thank you to everyone at March for Moms, to Christy, to Wallis Post and everyone who fights this good fight – who helps this cause – every single day.

With all my love and orange roses



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