Even when times are dark

“How does a human being become so extraordinary?” I asked my daughter when she finished reading her book to me.

She just smiled.

Despite the fact that my brain has been a bit fuzzy as of late, my girl is just soaring.

She came to me, just now, and told me that she had written a book this morning

(during the 20 minutes when I was out of the house for an appointment).

“Does daddy know you wrote this?” I asked her.

“No,” she said. “I just did it for myself.”

And with her permission, I am going to share the book with you. Because…


you’ll see.

“Even When Times Are Dark”

Even when times are dark we are friends. 

Even when times are dark we are nice. 

Even when times are dark we are together. 

The End. 

If you need to find me, I am in a puddle on the floor.



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