Five Things Podcast

Hello! Hi! I’ve missed you!

As you can see from the photos above, I have been busy. SOOO BIZZY.

You know, with things like re-doing my bathroom, getting makeovers at my daughter’s new salon, taking & printing photos at the dinner table with my girlfriends and dancing at Kellerman’s. DIRTY dancing.

In all seriousness, the collage above shows just a few snaps from this past weekend.

(Ok, sadly, Kellerman’s was only in my mind–but always in my heart,

and I spent most of Saturday-Sunday in overalls, Lowe’s and my Powder Room.)

But, as I was painting and, truly, all throughout the week last week, a few “life lesson”-type-things kept appearing in my consciousness on repeat, and so I decided to memorialize them in my latest Podcast episode.

The Five Things Podcast, to be found in your iTunes feed, here or in the embedded audio below.

This past week, I learned so much, and some of it, I learned the hard way.

I elaborate so much more on the Podcast, but to boil it down to an actual list, here are the 5 things that rotated in my mind like horses on a carousel:

1. So much can change in an instant.

1A. Never say never (unless you are willing to admit that you were wrong).

2. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It can still be awesome.

3. Friendship is crucial. It is key. It is invaluable.

4. Try to say, “yes” more often, if you can. Except for the times when you should definitely say, “no.”

5. Things can be bad and good at the same time. As long as it is within your value system, you should feel free to break any “rule” without feeling too guilty.


The list above is vague, filled with cliches and may not totally make sense. But, as I said, so much more will be explained (and revealed!) if you listen.

And stay tuned as I prepare to share some exciting upcoming posts with you, including a DIY Powder Room Project, book updates and an inside, uncensored look at “a day in the life”.

I will be sharing things that have changed me, things that scare me, things that move me and my hopes/goals for the coming (and ever-so-quickly-approaching autumnal) season.

And, of course, the scoop on the doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Because, you guys, it’s really good.

But, for now, I have some work to finish.

A watermelon to carry.

And, most importantly, two kids to kiss goodnight.

With love, paint-covered-hands and Hungry Eyes




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