The Podcast

So, my friends. This is pretty big. And, if I am being totally honest–which is kind of my thing–I will admit to you

that I am a bit nervous.

But before I go on, I will say three things that I think you (probably already but definitely ought to) know about me:

1. I really like to talk

2. I want to help as many people as I possibly can to feel: more confident, less alone, more capable, less guilty; better.

3. I love podcasts. I mean, I really love podcasts.

So, my fuzzy brain decided to combine all of these things and hit me with an idea:

I should totally make a podcast.

And here is what I did:

I sat with my phone and pressed “record” on the little microphone and just talked. I had no script, no plans, no talking points to hit. I just spoke from the heart, and tried to explain how important I think it is to actually hear someone’s voice. It is so hard to convey tone over a computer screen. And since we know each other so well–yet so many of us have never met–I thought that it was about time that you heard my voice; that you could hear the passion that is in me; that you could hear me talk about dance-partying 5 times in 26 minutes, because it is that big of a part of our lives.

And yes, I spoke for 26 minutes for my first podcast, with no editing. So, it’s just me. And my thoughts. And my dreams.

For us.

Next, I decided that I could not have a real podcast without some sort of theme music. Because…well…duh.

So I wrote a little intro. and recorded it on my laptop, playing a digital piano. It is a little silly, but it’s quite authentic!

Finally, my husband and I spent 4 hours figuring out how to get my phone recording from my 7s to iTunes.

It was a lot harder than it sounds (and involved coding, a program called “Audacity” which I now think is very aptly named, RSS feeds, plug-ins, widgets and now my brain hurts, again).

But, you guys. We did it. It may not be professional or produced, but we have a podcast!

Not just podcast, but the podcast.

Mommy, Ever After: The Podcast

I am super excited, as I plan to use this as another platform to spread my messages of love and tolerance and hope.

I will be using this vehicle to give you actionable advice from healthcare professionals (physical and mental), real stories from real people, and friends, who can provide a more colorful picture than I am able to do with just my words on the page.

So…if you have 26 minutes to spare and want to hear me dip my toe into something scary but meaningful to me, you can listen using the button below or be legit and check me out over on iTunes.

We have a podcast! Go #team!

With love, laughter and many words–




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