Big News!

Well, I have to come clean. I have been keeping a secret from you, holding it close to the vest and close to my heart.

But now I can share some big news!

It’s time for a new Edition to my world…


I am writing a book!

More than that—I have a book deal!

Thanks to my amazing literary agent, Renée C. Fountain, I got an awesome book deal and am now signed to a publishing house who believes in my work as much as we do.

Go #teamMEA!

This has been my dream. I got signed by my agency and wrote my first book proposal two years ago, and since then, with Renée’s help (and with the support of Gandolfo, Helin & Fountain Literary Agency), the premise has morphed and evolved into something that I hope will be captivating, emotional, helpful and, as always, real. From the bottom of my heart I am optimistic that I can help other women, their families, caregivers, supporters, mental health professionals, doctors and anyone else who has ever struggled with mental health issues; for all humans.

And so, I have been plugging away, writing my Happy Story, Hard Story and Hopeful Story, sometimes cheering and, to be honest, often crying.

I am writing about the hardest of times, and struggles that I have not ever shared on here. The aim of this book is for it to be unique, so that it stands out and so that it can fill the void that I longed to fill when I was suffering from acute and severe postpartum depression.

I want to note something important: I announced the book deal as if I were announcing the news of a third child; a new baby.

And, to me, this is my third child; my baby.

I did this deliberately (and confused some people in the process! I am sorry!). I want to say that I in no way wish to be insensitive by making a baby announcement that…well…isn’t.

I am not going to be announcing another baby because I cannot have another baby.

That is an integral part of my story.

And I have written so many times before that I know that there are other ways in which we can and could add to our family, and I have not foreclosed any of those options, but, if I am being completely honest, I don’t think that another baby is in my future.

And that makes me sad, at times, but, more and more lately, I have been focusing on what I have.

My kids are growing into remarkable little people and I am enjoying them in the moment.

And I have a book deal.

So if you see me typing away at the coffee shop, chai tea and almond croissant in front of me, tears streaming down my face, it is probably because I am writing some of my Hard Story and it is still hard.

And that is why I am sharing it. With the world.

So not only is this big news for me, but it’s huge news for us. For you, my dearests.

Big news! Go team!



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