Birth Story Revisited

Two years ago,

one month before I came out with “The Hardest Post I’ve Ever Written”

I shared my birth story.

That was the first post in which I opened up about my new life, one that involved many new feelings, new emotions and,

of course,

a new baby.

Today, as I cuddled my son on the couch, I buried my head in his hair and inhaled him. He was talking to me about his favorite colors and Bubble Guppies and he did not let go of my hand for one moment during the time that he was burrowed into my nook.

He now asks to snuggle every night, and he loves when I sing to him, or massage his plump skin.

via @mommyeverafter

And so, let’s go back to the beginning; to the time when I first sang to my boy, before I was even closed up from my surgery.

Join me, won’t you?


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