More confidence.

Last summer, I wrote a post all about confidence. It came from an unlikely source: a conversation I had with Rosa, the woman who was painting my nails. She did more for me than she will ever know.

I was reminded of this yesterday, as I had my nails painted again, this time at a different place, by a different woman, from a different Spanish-speaking country. We spoke together, and I did not let my fears of sounding “wrong” or the occasional need to employ “Spanglish” stop me.

She painted my nails a color that my husband refers to as “British Racing Green”, but, really, is supposed to represent The Emerald City for me.

Did you get that?

My nails are my Emerald City.

Hear me out.

Right now, I am on the yellow brick road. A yellow brick road, that is; one of my own.

Right now, I am making huge changes in my life, and, at the advice of my trusted therapist, I painted my nails green in order to remind myself to stay on the path.

She’s an amazing psychologist.

Without knowing just how meaningful The Wizard of Oz has always been for me, she equated my journey to Dorothy’s, on a quest to find contentment.

And this is scary.

As she says, on my path I will see poppies. They will be beautiful and I will want to wander over to them, and if I do, I’ll fall asleep. And then I’ll go off track.

On my journey, flying monkeys might come my way. But, I won’t let them take me. #nomonkeysno

The yellow brick road–and my entire voyage through Oz, towards the shining Emerald City–is something that takes,

wait for it…

confidence. More confidence.

Courage (thankfully I have a lion) and guts and tools but, most of all, confidence.

I am scared of going on this different path. My life was one color before and now I am about to add a million more.

And, also, lose some along the way.

But I am working to become a better version of Becca, and so, among many other tools and hard work, I keep my nails painted green.

They remind me to stay on the road. To not give up. To have confidence.

So, I am going to try to encourage you, my friends to do the same.

For those of you who are struggling with something today,

either internally or externally,

with a friendship or family or with work,

or whatever it may be,

I am going to ask you to do the same thing I asked you to do back in June:

If there is something that you want to do but feel a bit afraid of doing it because you fear that you will suck at it, I implore you to try. Just try.

I bet you that you will surprise yourself.

And do you know what is really awesome? And infectious? And attractive?


Confianza, FTW.



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