A decade.

(The photo above is the first digital picture that I have of us together. I was 20. I had just cut my own bangs. Those were the days.)

Today is a special day.

It is the ten year anniversary of my very last first date.

Ten years ago today, K and I became an item.

It was only one date, but it was everything.

After that date, I sent him an IM (and not only was it an IM, but a mobile IM, for those of you who remember the away messages with the little cell phone icon next to them. First emojis?)

that said, “You’re amazing,” as he drove home from my apartment to his.

After that date, I called my mom and she said, “You are going to marry this boy.”

It is hard to believe that it has been ten years.

A decade.

That is 1/3 of my life, spent with the kindest person I know.

Happy 10 years of being an us, dudeabides420.

You’re amazing, indeed.

(To read more about our rather remarkable, definitely comical first meeting and date, I present you with

The Story of Us.)

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