My first blog post ever.

My friends!

Here I am, just in time to sign off once again.

This past week both my phone and my computer crashed. Like, really, actually crashed.

If you watch that clip right over there ——————-> you can see that my laptop screen was already cracked, but this week it went kaput.

So I haven’t been able to post, despite the fact that I have so many things to share. Don’t worry. I have been squirreling away my stories, so you won’t miss a thing.

I am now going to be signing off for just a few days.

I am traveling with a best friend since first grade to see another best friend since first grade get married.

I am freaking out a little, yes, but I am also so excited for this. We need this.


I would never leave you hanging.

So I present to you, a series of vacation-themed blog posts from the past for you to enjoy.

And what better way to start than this?

My first blog post ever.


It doesn’t even have a title and I used the color fuchsia for some of my text.

But it was that post right there, that first post, is where this all began.

Speaking of my time in Maui, there was this, the most embarrassing moment of my entire life.

There are some lovey posts.

Like the story of when we got engaged while away in St. John,

(and the story of our sweet night before)

Which, obviously, became my happy place.

And here, you can find any time I ever mentioned the word


on this site. Have fun wading through that one. No pun intended.

This upcoming trip is about a lot of things. Friendship. Family. Love.

And it is about putting my own oxygen mask on first, both literally and figuratively.

Bon Voyage.

With love and xx,

The girl who flashed the entire pool at the Westin Resort in Maui.

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