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I have written many times before about my love for the lifestyle/style/parenting/food/entertaining/everything blog called Ramshackle Glam .

In many ways, I think that RG was my first real experience with the blog world. Jordan, owner and writer of the site, went from someone whose life I watched from afar to a woman whom I can call a friend. We are not close geographically, and have had very little time to foster an actual traditional friendship, but in the time that we have spent together, I can tell you that she’s just as beautiful, both inside and out, as she appears on her blog. And, she is someone to whom I can send a picture of a pair of cool shoes, or a quick text about pickle flavored popcorn, out of the blue, and say, “Aren’t these insane?” or “I think you need this. Now.” And there is warmth there that I feel lucky to have found IRL.

On Ramshackle Glam, Jordan has a category of posts that she calls Links & Love & Stuff and she links to people, places and things (for all intents and purposes) that she has found noteworthy and wants to share with her readers. Sometimes it is a profound article, other times it is a beauty product, and it’s always entertaining or informative.

I was just reading her latest post, linking to thinks like gummies (HELLO!), beauty product finds and relevant political articles, and I realized that I have a random assortment of thoughts and things in my brain that I would love to share but do not exactly know how. And so Jordan’s post gave me the idea of sharing a list of the things about which I am currently interested (or even obsessed) but I want to be clear to give her full credit for this post style. My list isn’t all comprised of links, but it does give you some insight into things that I think are worth sharing, and so here goes:

- If you do not follow me on Instagram then I want to tell you about the fact that I have an actual, grown-up, real person’s garden and I can make actual, grown-up real bouquets and flower arrangements with the flowers from said garden. This makes me feel proud, makes my house smell good, and, as a fringe benefit, gives me something very special to do with my kids, as they can now pick out their own flowers and arrange them in vases and it all feels very beautiful.

And, I want to tell you to follow me on Instagram (#winkemoji)

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 2.42.04 PM

- Along those lines, I had a very proud parenting moment this week. My apologies to those who have already seen this on my Facebook page, but, and I will quote myself here by sharing, “I really don’t like to get too political, personal or touchy on here, but I have to say, I was quite moved this afternoon, when my children were arranging the flowers that they had each picked and [my daughter] said to [my son], “You could use a bouquet like this when you find the right boy or girl that you want to marry.”
I am proud that my daughter knows, at six, that love is love.”

This New York Times Article is a must read. It reminds us of the humanity that, during this time in our lives, with the climate of this country being what it is, can be easily forgotten. Keep the tissues handy.

- Have you finished the fourth season of “Orange is the New Black” yet? If not, stop reading this blog now and go binge on it. Because I need to talk about it and, even if we cannot talk about it, I need for you to know about it. I finished the season nearly three weeks ago and I still cannot shake the feelings that it evoked in me.

-I just heard the news that a Kendra Scott store will be opening locally and I wanted to share with you that her jewelry, especially her charms, are amazing and make fantastic gifts. I get more compliments on my necklace, a tribute to my two littles, than any other piece of jewelry that I wear. And, just last night we gave a charm necklace to my dear friend for her birthday with her own children’s initials.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 2.51.58 PM

- While I was initially very hesitant to publish a blog post about my tattoos, I am so glad that I did, as it inspired amazing dialogue and sharing among my friends and readers (even though my parents still hated it). If you haven’t read my story yet, the link above will show you where I am inked and with what and, most importantly, why. The reason that I am sharing this now is because last week, during a band practice break (read: ice cream break!) my bandmate teased me that I have fancy princess tattoos. I found this to be oxymoronic. Right? I mean, unless I had a tattoo of a fancy princess, how can a tattoo, by nature, by fancy-princess-ish? I am a mom-blogger by day, but I am still a rock & roller by night; give me a little street cred. here. Ugh!

- Our house is slowly becoming a home and I am loving this process and this place. While I am not going to be creating a new version of 511, Ever After (or at least do not have plans to!), I am sharing my photos on social media and I hope that you enjoy the aesthetic transformation as much as I. For instance, the dining room went from beautifully traditional to totally funky, with a fuchsia rug, a sputnik light fixture and my treasured Scalamandre zebras.

Here is the before and after:



For my first list post I think that I will leave it at that, and leave the real Links & Love & Stuff to Jordan Reid.

For now, if there is any one message that I would hope for you to take away from this post it is this: Love comes in many forms–it can be between people or for things, but, as I have said over and over, love is love. Every item on my list contains a little piece of that sentiment, be it an astounding reminder of humanity or a beautiful comment between two young siblings. Or bloglove for someone whom I admire greatly.

Wishing you all of the love imaginable–

xx, B

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