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Yesterday, besides dancing around and singing about Camp and having the deepest conversations ever with my 5-year-old, I got to enjoy a few other things. I had a most fabulous date with a dear old friend, whom I just happened to have met recently, I got to watch my favorite Real Housewives city (New York. It’s all about New York. Team Radzi, btw) and I received my May #birchbox in the mail.

Did you catch that?

Birchbox Time!

My May box arrived. I was particularly excited for this, as I had heard a rumor that Emily would be curating this collection, and I love her aesthetic and many of her beauty tips.

And so, I made a video, capturing the moment when I opened my box. Except, I had the kids running around me, we had a kale-amity (you can literally see me roll my eyes in this video if you look closely, and for that I am a bit embarassed) and I had to cut. And then I finished savoring the opening experience later that evening, post bedtime.

And I went from texting with my girls on my fave group text, saying, “I don’t waaaaannnnnaaa shower. I don’t feeeeeel like it.” to engaging in a night of beauty. I did masques (on both my face and hair), had fun with lotions and hair sprays and got to test out some of my newest spoils. I say this in the video, but I found the box to be very high end this month, with recognizable names like Smashbox and Shiseido.

So, you can check out my #maybirchbox reveal on my incredibly popular YouTube site. You know,

The Rebecca Fox Starr YouTube Channel

on which I have 3 videos.

But this video is special. In it I am wearing both a Kate Moss shirt AND a towel. So there’s that.

To check out my crazy case of the Mays, click the link above. I hope you enjoy!

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