Nicole Miller

otherwise known as “How Becca Got Her Groove Back”.

(Note: this post addresses some very personal struggles, including the weight loss that I experienced from my PPD. I am fiercely protective of you, my readers, and therefore do not want to be a trigger; if discussions of things like size (no numbers) and body image will encourage bad thoughts or behaviors, please skip this post. I implore you to take care of yourself first, and a post about my own fashion journey is not worth emotional distress. Much love.)

Let me tell you a story. It is about a girl–a woman–who had spent an entire 18 months in black leggings.

Let’s call her Becca.

Becca, because of some struggles, could no longer fit into any of her cute clothing,

and so, she resigned herself to a uniform:

A shirt of some sort, depending on the weather, a black tank and black leggings.

Each day, she would look at her brimming closet and yet she could not put on a pair of pants without having them fall down to her ankles.

But, at the same time, Becca did not want to buy a wardrobe of all new clothing for a specific reason:

It did not seem wise to invest money into a wardrobe of clothing that she was hoping to grow out of, and working towards that goal each day with her team. She did not want to buy tiny pieces that would, if she were to be successful in her plan to get back to a healthy size, no longer fit.

To make this long story a bit shorter, I will cut to the chase in saying that Becca walked into the Nicole Miller store one day, after a lunch date in Manayunk, and stumbled upon two ridiculously fantastic things:

Peacock feather earrings



She had to have both.

And so she did.

The next day, Becca returned to the store and she, Matthew and Alexa, the fierce and fabulous assistant manager, played dress up and like Cinderella, Becca was transformed.

Alexa and Matthew were just like, girl,


And while that was a bit hard, she trusted them. She trusted them because they were as honest as they are stylish; as passionate as they are warmhearted. Alexa is stunning, with dreadlocks piled high above her head, the most beautiful jade-colored eyes and the voice and smile of an angel. Matthew is gorgeous, loving, brutally honest and his sense of humor is almost as good as his hair. Almost.

And so, a serious friendship was born.


So, let’s get real here. I have been struggling with my self image for awhile now, as I do not look like a version of myself that is healthy and strong, which are two things that I want to be.

When I had my first dress-up-session with Matthew and Alexa, which was essentially like the hybrid of a scene from “Pretty Woman”, a fairytale, a page from a style magazine and an episode of “Howard Stern”, I told them that I no longer had any confidence in my body. I explained that I did not want to spend money on tiny clothing. Because I don’t want to be tiny. But the reality is what it is.

My goal was to find some cool outfits. I wanted clothing to wear every day and I wanted clothing to wear for my gigs. “Anti-mommy”-wear.

And so, Alexa and Matthew dressed me.

They dressed me in things like palm tree pants for nights out with my bandmates;


White joggers that are so comfortable they are like wearing extremely stylish sweats, but that, more importantly, give me plenty of room in which to grow.

Matthew, bless his heart, told me that they would be the perfect pant to wear to take the kids to the grocery store.

Anything white, for me, is typically reserved for times when my children are not around. So I wore them on a date night (and texted pictures of my outfit to my stylists’ approval as I dressed)


And then in Montreal;IMG_3306

Pardon the grainy quality of the photo below, but do you see that sweater? That sick, patterned sweater that has an open back and can be worn year round? For me, it was perfect for sake flights and a sushi feast;


The shirt below, which is cotton metal, is what Matthew found for me to wear for my gig–TO WHICH HE CAME. I mean…


And Alexa showed me this dress, a dress that I did not in any way need but OMG I needed it, and so it was the perfect outfit for a best friend’s 30th birthday dinner out.


 I think you see what I mean.

Not only do I feel better about myself when I am in my Nicole Miller clothing–clothing that is incredibly stylish, impeccably made and totally unique–but my uniform has now completely changed.

Two days ago I wore NM pants with a forest print topped with one of their sheer Kimonos.

I throw a leather jacket on over a dress and it’s cool. I tie up a sheer blouse over jean shorts and I am casual for band practice.

And I have not put on a pair of black leggings ever since.


Because my experience with Nicole Miller Philadelphia was so positive, I decided to join forces with their team so that YOU can enjoy a similar experience. Whether you are shopping, browsing, being styled or just laughing at one of Matthew’s incredible stories, I want to get you in the store. And as I disclose all partnerships, I can tell you honestly that I am not being paid to say that. I really, really just love it.

And so, I invite you to:


Please join me for a night to kick of this Season of Style, Wednesday, September 30 7-9 PM. They are closing the store for us, #teamMEA, so that we can enjoy a ladies night out. There is no shopping expected or required of you; the NM team, with Mary of MKD and Associates at the helm, genuinely wants you to have a fun night, try on clothing, take a risk, have a refreshment, meet a friend, and, if you are like me, pretend that you are a model, prancing around the store in just a tank top and heels.

Or, you know, we can work up to that.

I so hope that you will join me on the 30th, as I want you to feel as good as Nicole Miller has made me feel.

And as you can see below, I just keep coming back for more (rollin’ with the homies–and my mama, Alexa, Christina and Matthew).


To white joggers at the grocery store,

or not,



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