Olive & Spruce

This is the story of how I met my new partner, Olive & Spruce.

It has gotten kind of serious, so I figured I had to share. Here goes:

For a blogger, I am often late to technology parties. I was the last of my friends to start a Pinterest page, it took a lot of arm twisting to get me to start an Instagram account (I now have three) and I refused to get emojis until my 30th birthday.

Now, I do love to be able to text a friend an entire story with just little cartoon emoticons, but my favorite of all of these leaps is, by far, Instagram. I love posting personal things on my private page, musical posts about Fowl Play and, on my most treasured page, connecting to others via @mommyeverafter.

This very thing happened organically (no pun intended) when I came across the Instagram site of the then-soon-to-be-launched Olive & Spruce. I saw a garment that I had to have for my little guy and so I looked up the page, which read: A carefully curated collection of modern clothing & accessories made with care for your little love.


Do you think I am joking? Well, here is how our love story began. I batted my eyelashes at them.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.02.59 AM

It was love at first hashtag.

With some further stalking, leading to some fabulous conversations with Jessica of Olive & Spruce–the warmest, kindest woman–I realized that Olive & Spruce was not only a store that I needed to patronize (as in frequent!) but that it is totally my kind of place,

their message completely jiving with what I want from my partners.

And so, we had our first date.

As it says on their BRAND NEW website,  “Olive & Spruce was created to offer unique, comfortable and stylish products for modern children.”
They explain that their carefully selected items offer unique prints and designs that are also created with care and purpose. They focus on small business platforms, take great pride in their individualized products and “…put great time and effort into our search for designers to ensure that there is a similar theme of care and passion behind each brand. Many of our products are made of organic materials and eco-friendly dyes.”
So, we started actually dating. And I left out one part.
Confession: It wasn’t a completely blind date, as we had a mutual friend. My buddy, Brand Revive. Brand Revive created this very website,
and also, somewhat serendipitously, the website for Olive & Spruce.
And so, I decided that instead of my typical trepidation when diving into something new, I would go in head first with Olive & Spruce, as the perfect way to start the New Year.
My new partner sent us the most wonderful package, with pieces for my son, my daughter and for me.
We have been fighting over the skinny bangle set, so thank goodness there are three to a pack.
My kids are over 3 1/2 years apart, and though Olive & Spruce has clothing geared towards kids younger than my daughter, my two little squirts were able to fit into the soft, cozy clothing, swap, trade outfits and accessories and did not want to take them off. I could not get them out of those pajamas on New Year’s Day.
We took to the sunroom and had a major Brett Dennen dance party.
Each kid chose a pair of PJs and I have to admit, after seeing how comfycozy they were both feeling, I was a bit jealous that they did not come in my size.
By the way, these jammies are made of organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes, and are super sweet as they have no snaps, buttons or ties.
This is when the sharing stopped and the fashion statements really began. FullSizeRender(122) FullSizeRender(123)
Oh, and if I was jealous of the garments before, I was green with envy (again, no pun intended) when my kids put on this mint and diamond sleeveless hoodie. IwantIwantIwant!!!
My girly-girl of a daughter totally rocked out in this piece.
And then,
FullSizeRender(126)How cute are these!? Seriously!
Now, to take a little break from our fashion show, I will say that one thing that impresses me the most about Olive & Spruce is their commitment to social responsibility. They feature items “made by small artisan groups which support underprivileged and impoverished men and women. These artisans are offered meaningful income, safe working conditions, access to health programs and a number of other opportunities to improve the quality of life for them and their families.”
Music to my ears (even louder than the blast of the record player).
Back to the models. Because they are kind of cute.
This gold rose tee is described as being “effortlessly chic” and I couldn’t agree more. Again, IwantIwantIwant.
Olive & Spruce was our perfect way to kick off this new year. Be prepared, because you will be seeing my kiddos in a lot more from them.
I know that our relationship is new–
it is young–
but I am really excited about this one, guys.
I love a company that offers things unique and chic for my kids, that takes pride in their materials and workmanship and that is committed to helping out the world around us.
I am so glad that Olive & Spruce met @mommyeverafter online, as this is clearly just the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Next step: meeting the parents.
Olive & Spruce. Check them out. But remember, we are going steady, so order away, but she’s mine.
This post was written in partnership with Olive & Spruce but all opinions are, as always, 100% honest and my own.

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