Do you remember how I’ve mentioned my twin sister, from another mister?
Well, twin and I are so,
As you may recall,
I mentioned that my daughter tends to laugh at certain words,
like “peaches”.
Well, I also mentioned my own propensity to laugh at certain words,
like “zebra“.
Well, just today, on our way to brunch
(can you say, “holy coconut crusted french toast”???!?!??!)
someone mentioned funny-sounding-words.
And, what did twin come right out with, you ask?
She said, “Do you know what word I always find weird? Zebra.”
I almost choked on my,
words (? We hadn’t quite arrived at brunch, yet. Still, there was choking going on, on my part.)
Out of all of the words in the world,
all of the funny-sounding, weird, onomatopoeic things that could have come out of her mouth,
she chose zebra.
Now, we may have different parents,
and may not actually be related,
but, in our case,
striped mammal is thicker than water and blood.
Double the pleasure,
double the fun,

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