long night’s journey into day

The reason why I haven’t written yet today,
has a little something to do with my baby’s decision to have a party last night.
I should have suspected that something was up when I overheard her, speaking in hushed tones into her mobile phone, after her evening bath.
I thought I heard her saying, “yeah, party over at my crib.” but I didn’t think much of it.
That is, until approximately 3:18 am, when I was roused from my slumber,
to the sounds of the “cha cha slide” and some pretty loud cooing.
“What are you doing?” I inquired?
“Come on, mom. Be cool. Don’t get your diaper all up in a bunch!” She said.
And then, she continued to party, in her crib, in my bed, on her changing table, in her crib again, in my bed again,
until 5:30 am.
Apparently, that’s what the cool babies are doing, these days.
And so, today became a blur of disco naps, eye-makeup remover and foot rubs. She needed her piggies massaged after such a long night of dancing.
Oh, and do you think I sound crazy right now?
Why don’t you try staying up from 3am-6am with a baby who is not crying,
not fussing,
not whining…
just playing.
Playing, laughing, cooing
and refusing to shut her cute little eyes long enough for you to catch an X, let alone any Zzzs.
So yes, this is why I was unable to blog until right this minute. This may also be filed under “Why I am still wearing last night’s pjs” and “Why I watched a 4am showing of Dangerous Minds” and “Why I am about to pass out onto my keyboard”.
Sweet dreams.
Slide to the left. Criss cross. Cha cha real smooth.
See ya at 3am!

  • Kristina
    September 14, 2010

    Hey mama!

    What a funny post! Well, maybe not to you but what a cute lil one..partying like her parents once did lol. Hopefully, she`ll sleep through the night tonight so you can catch your zzzZZZzz`s!

    Shhhh…I heard Lil J wake up in the middle of the night but the hubby was still awake so I let him get Lil J and I drifted off into a deeper slumber… Our little secret ;)


  • Maya
    September 15, 2010

    I feel ya. My son woke up at 4:30am two nights ago, and last night, 12:30am. Yup. 12:30. Then stayed up. (I would have thought he would at least take a two hour nap before school). I decided I’m keeping him up til at least 6pm so he’s tired enough to sleep through til morning. I need my ZZZzz’s too. Hope you get yours too!

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