One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days,
where in the span of 24 hours, Mommy’s Law kicked in,
with a vengeance,
and nothing seemed to go right?
Like, you were staying away from home
and forgot your laptop and phone charger?
And your work clothes?
And  makeup?
And hair brush?
And, on the very same day, your baby, minutes after finally falling into a deep, much needed sleep, had her nap cut devastatingly short by some incredibly noisy gardeners?
And then, on the very same day, you realized that your fridge was a barren wasteland, so you and your baby had to eat a dinner of defrosted applesauce, hardboiled eggs and quinoa?
And, on the very same day, you had to go to the bank?
And forget something?
Each time?
And on the very same day,
after your second trip to the bank,
when you went  to open the front door to your house and you had the door knob fall off in your hands?
And then were unable to open the gate to get in the back door?
And then, after almost pulling out your back and dropping your baby, after you were finally able to open that gate, you realized that your key didn’t work for the back door?
So, you know, you squatted in your car with your baby, prepared to wait the 2 hours until your husband would be getting home from a business trip?
And then, you spotted a stray Elmo flashcard, strewn on the backseat, and managed to break into the front screen door using that card and that card alone?
And, when you did finally get in, you realized that you and your baby were ravenously hungry,
because all you had eaten for dinner was defrosted applesauce and a hardboiled egg and a few grains of quinoa?
what’s that you say?
You haven’t had one of those days?
Take mine.
It’s allllllll yours.

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