So far, the most awkward moment of my day

occurred when I was strolling along, pushing my baby in her baby-car-seat-stroller (not to be confused with her big girl stroller. It was windy. She needed more coverage, today.) and happened upon a toddler in the exact same outfit that my daughter was wearing.
I, of course, ran up to the little girl, who was sitting on a bench with her entire family.
“Oh. Em. Gee. Do you want to see something amazzzzzing? Look! My baby is wearing the same outfit! Can you believe it?? What are the odds?”
Now, the outfit in question does happen to be a rather fabulous tie-dye Flapdoodles warm-up suit. I can see the appeal. But still, funny, right?
Well, I thought so.
And what, you ask, did the little girl say in response?
**chirp chirp. chirp chirp. **
You heard it right. Nothin’ to hear. Crickets. Nothing from the kid, nothing from the parents, nothing from the grandparents.
Now, this was almost bordering on cold shoulder.
I sulked as I strolled away, telling myself that they probably didn’t speak English. That, or they were afraid of the “Who Wore it Better” repercussions. My baby is intimidatingly cute.
Pretty awkward.
However, the tie-dye heavens gave me a chance to redeem myself, not 15 minutes later, when I happened upon yet another girl in the same gettup, as I was perusing the aisles of the beauty supply store. Jeez, Flapdoodles. I feel so cheap.
In any case, this girl was eight, and I decided to change my approach,
mostly so that I didn’t come off as an actual crazy person.
“Um,” I started, timidly. “If you want, I mean, you so don’t have to, but if you want, you can turn your attention to the direction of the stroller, if you want, that is. You see, my baby is wearing the same outfit as you. No pressure.”
The girl looked puzzled, but her furrowed brow immediately relaxed into a smile, as she realized that I wasn’t that kind of crazy (just mommy kind of crazy) and smiled at the cute coincidence.
And then, the tie-dye-donned-8-year-old decided that she loved me. She followed me around the store, asking questions about the baby and nail polish and the meaning of life. She wanted to be my new best friend.
Sorry, honey, but I’m already taken. My bestie sucks a pacifier and it’s kind of a non-negotiable.
And so,
The moral of this story is twofold.
First, I need to learn to keep my big, fat mouth shut.
And Second, I need to find a new place to shop for tie-dye.

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