The Magnificent 7

Dearest baby,
My sweetness; My light.
Today you are 7 months old.
A magnificent seven.
When I was 7 days pregnant with you, you were just a wish.
When I was 7 weeks pregnant with you, we danced on-stage at Hair together, at your very first Broadway show. We celebrated love and tolerance and sunshine and peace, and I loved sharing this with you. I held you tight.
When I was 7 months pregnant with you, we got snowed it at Bubbie and Zeyda’s house. We stayed over there for 2 weeks as your room was being painted, as we hunkered down and watched the snow fall and fall and fall. Bubbie knitted for you and stroked your legs as you kicked and danced inside my belly. Zeyda cooked for you, a gourmet feast for each and every meal. Daddy and I could barely fit in the full-sized bed in my old bedroom, but our lives have never felt more cozy. I’m glad I was able to keep you warm inside of me.
When you were 7 minutes old, your daddy sobbed, and  said “She’s so beautiful. She’s so beautiful.” over and over again. He was talking about you, my precious.
When you were 7 hours old, we were all moved into our recovery room, which would become our little Sanctuary for 3 amazing, pure, beautiful days. This room is where we first fell in love.
When you were 7 days old, I sat and spent hours just watching you dream.
When you were 7 weeks old, we took you to the beach and told you where your name came from, as we held you and cried.
And now, my dear, you are 7 months. We love you more with each breath. You have grown into a magical little girl. You radiate goodness,
how you stroke my skin, so gently, when I feed you; how you smile every time I kiss your face; how you reach out for me in the night, asking for “Mama” and grabbing my hand, with such love.
You are magnificent.


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