I felt sleepy.
I also felt loved.
Today, I
made a friend,
made banana bread,
forgot to add the bananas,
forgot my own name,
had a pedicure,
had the hiccups,
had the occasion to discuss “existentialism”,
had the occasion to discuss “diaper cream”,
made baby food carrots,
(orange-ya glad I didn’t say banana?)
talked to myself,
answered myself,
introduced my dad as “Zayde”,
introduced my Mommom as a great-grandmother,
introduced my daughter to the coziness of a velour tracksuit on a cold, Fall morning,
had an impromptu dance party to “This is Why I’m Hot” ,
worried I was getting a cold,
was asked what I was bringing to Break the Fast and offered, “Breastmilk!”
was asked, “Are you crazy?!”,
got through the day.
Because, guess what? When you’re in the land of mom, that’s just what you do.


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