The Proposal, Part Trois

“A trip to the South will bring you unexpected happiness.”
As I stared down at the small, white fortune in my hand, I knew that it meant something. I showed my husband, but didn’t say much,
As, at that moment, I felt as though the universe and I were in on a secret;
That I had been given some  special, inside information,
And did not want to share it,
Or ruin any kind of surprise that was coming my way.
St. John proved to be a magical trip in so many ways.
We played in the powder white sands of Trunk Bay and Honeymoon Beach,
We swam with wild dolphins in turquoise waters,
(OK, well, maybe my dad and husband swam with wild dolphins…when they spotted the family of dolphins, while snorkeling off the beach, they called me and my mom over to them and I don’t think that my frantic thrashing through the water could be categorized as “swimming”, exactly. More like an uncoordinated doggy-paddle, at best. What? I sat out of instructional swim at camp. You think my craziness and anxieties just appeared one day when I was an adult? Oh, how wrong you are.)
We ate spectacular food and enjoyed wonderful bonding time.
We even held a family talent show,
For which my husband and I performed a choreographed duet of “Suddenly Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors.
In full costume.
And makeup.
We won,
However, even though the trip was amazing, I didn’t let up on my anxieties 100%.
I think it’s fair to say I nagged, just a bit, about how romantic the island was, and how I wish we had something so special to celebrate there.
In fact, when we first arrived at our Villa, and my husband and I walked into our room, I saw a tray on the bed with a menu for breakfast in bed, and man, did I lay it on thick.
I know that I said something along the lines of “Oh, wow, look how amazing this breakfast in bed menus is. If only we had something to celebrate, to get breakfast in bed for. Wow, do you want to hear exactly what I would order if we were actually able to get breakfast in bed one morning? Would that be sooooooo nice?
By the way, as a side note, see what my husband puts up with? He so deserves a medal.
So, I proceeded to tell my husband exactly what I would order if I had some special reason to order breakfast in bed, right down to my morning beverage o’ choice.
On the last morning of our trip, I was anxious to get up and ready early, as I saw it as one last day to work on my tan (safely, and with tons of sunscreen, of course). I told my husband that I was going to put on my bathing suit and would meet him outside, by the pool.
He wrapped his arms around me, and begged me to stay and snuggle for a few more minutes.
I have to say, I did sense some urgency in his plea, so I told him I’d wait.
But, only for a few minutes.
So I sat there. And I waited. And as much as I love to snuggle, I was growing impatient, as I kept picturing dark, ominous clouds covering my beloved sun, with every passing minute.
I started to squirm and prepared myself to break free from his loving embrace, when, out of nowhere, I heard a soft tapping at our bedroom door…
Trust me, you don’t want to miss what happens next…

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