The Proposal, Part Quatre

Three swift taps on our bedroom door,
Followed by three magic words:
“In room dining!”
My ears perked up, as the adrenaline started to course through my body.
Something was happening,
Unexpected happiness.
“You might want to answer that,” my husband said, slyly.
(And by slyly, I mean nervously. Sorry, love.)

I climbed, hesitantly, out of bed, slid on a pair of velour sweatpants and made my way, slowly, to the door.
It’s funny. I was in such a rush for such a long time. But, as soon as it was actually happening to me, I wanted everything to slow down. It was as if I could sense the enormity of the moment as I was living it, and wanted to savor every instant, dragging out every second, so that I could stay enveloped in it.

I answered the door and was greeted by a lovely woman with a bright smile,
Her arms stretching to carry a mammoth tray of breakfast treats.
It was my dream breakfast,
The breakfast I had dictated to my husband on the first morning
(you know, when I was being a giant jerk)
From the Mimosa to the side order muffin, and everything in between.
I plopped back down on the Heavenly bed, ready to enjoy my feast,
Thanking the kind woman, and my husband, profusely.
My husband started to sit down with me, and then hesitated, walking back over to the closet.
“Wait,” he started. “Something’s missing from the tray. There’s one more thing that I forgot.”
And, at that moment, he pulled the most beautiful jewelry box out of his backpack.

Now, let me just say,
I may be anxious, I may be a nag, I may be relentless…but, if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a snoop.
He knew that I wouldn’t go searching through his things. Smart man.

My husband held the jewelry box in his hand, a small square made out of mother of pearl pieces, placed together so that it looked like it had been carved out of the inside of a giant clamshell. A more beautiful box, there has never been.

This was it.
Now, I really knew it.
I braced myself, ready to hear my eloquent, loving boyfriend wax poetic about his undying love for me, and all of my charms.
He got down on one knee.
He held the box in one hand and grabbed my own shaking palm in his other.
In one smooth motion, he opened the shimmering box,
And held it for me to see what was inside.

As I looked down, my head swirling in anticipation and glee, my eyes focused on what was inside of the box.
It was not an engagement ring.

More to come, and trust me, it may not be what you expect…

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  • Kristin
    July 11, 2010

    Aghh! Killin me, smalls!

    Love it. :)

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