A tiny, little, amazing story.

Today, as I unloaded from school pick up,
doing my normal routine of getting my daughter out of the passenger side of the car,
slinging her backpack over my shoulder,
walking her around the car to my side where I get her brother out in his incredibly heavy infant carrier,
when my daughter said, “Wait. I want to see my brother.”
And it stopped me in my tracks;
I got that incredible feeling of happiness and awe at my new team.
I thought about how I’ve never myself uttered those words.
So I decided I was going to blog about it.
And I brought them inside and I went to take him out of his carseat,
and she came up to him, stroked his arm, and starting to sing, this will be our year.
Smile for me, little one.
She sang all the words and he giggled and cooed.
And then, at that moment, a feather fell from the sky, onto the pile of us.
I swear to you.
After somewhat of a hard time  this week, I am comforted to know that my angels are
applauding my team, just as loudly, and just as clearly
as I am.

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