Up to the moon and stars

Once upon a Cambridge spring,

The stars did a dance and the moon began to sing.

“She’s here,” crooned the wind, the sky gathered around her.

“The best mommy’s been born! She’s here! We have found her!”

You see, everyone thinks that when babies arrive

They’re the most sacred things born from the sky.

But the stars and the moon knew the secret of birth:

That it’s mommies who are the most precious on earth.

On a dark April evening, the whole world was graced

With the huge-hearted mommy (with a porcelain face).

She held her new daughter, as they breathed as one,

‘til the night watchman moon left his post for the sun.

As the earth pirouetted, the mom and girl grew;

A duo from one, a single from two.

No one but the stars could conceive of their bond,

As a love that transcends exists in the beyond.

They lit up the world, taking up little space,

The girl and her mom with the porcelain face.

They learned things, together, from triumphs and stumbles,

“Our feats,” the mom said, “often come from our fumbles.”

From their perch in the sky, the stars and moon smiled,

(they’d been waiting for the best mom for such a long while).

“She gets it!” they’d shout. “She’s enchanting and kind,

And she’s teaching her daughter to use her own mind.”

As the mom and girl grew they learned more and more.

Including harder things, much less fun to explore.

You see, being so connected can come at a cost,

For without one another, the other felt lost.

And that’s when the mommy, while deep in her sleep,

Was given help from the sky (without it making a peep).

In her dream came a mantra that she’d use with her girl,

Not knowing that it came from the depths of their world.

On good days and bad days, in darkness and light,

The mom knew what to say to make things alright.

She taught her girl grit and she taught her girl grace,

And that great strength can be found behind a porcelain face.

She repeated the mantra, sent to her in her dreams

(by the stars’ little twinkles and moon’s little beams).

“It will always be us. It’s always been you,”

The mom and girl’s bond could not be split in two.

“Listen to me,” as she held her girl tight,

Staring up at the constellations painting the night.

“It’s ok if we’re close AND ok if we’re far,

Because I always love you up to the moon and stars.”

A crescendo erupted, applause rang through sky,

(and even strong moon couldn’t help but to cry.)

They’d been right all along, as this was the true test.

The mom they’d all banked on really was the world’s best.

“She loves her girl up to us,” said a sweet baby star.

“Even more,” said its mom. “We just can’t see that far.”

As back down on earth they watched the warmest embrace,

Between a girl and her mom, with a porcelain face.

Happy Mother’s Day, mommy. Love, Your Beccadoodles

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