All Shook Up/Today I learned…

…today I learned that when I think my greatest afternoon angst will come from deciding between a Fig Newton or an Oreo for lunch dessert,
that I may, soon, be sorely mistaken.
I learned that earthquakes are scary. Really freakin’ scary.
I learned that when I’m really freakin’ scared, I still need my mom.
I learned that an afternoon of Mom’s TLC and coloring in coloring books with my baby can make me feel a whole lot better.
I learned that when it comes to crayons, lavender describes that light pinky-purple color on top, when I always thought it was more of the color on the bottom. No, apparently that is Purple Mountain’s Majesty. I learned that, today.

I learned that I can still feel shaky, even hours after the world stops quaking.
I learned that being a parent is a job that never ever ends.

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