I’ve known my best friend for 20 weeks now,

and in those 20 weeks,
she has gone through, approximately, 1,680 diapers,
she’s been to 2 different states,
she’s had exactly 1 bottle of formula
and nursed 2,000 times,
she has kissed one boy (or, licked his hand. that’s 1st base in baby.),
and received a grillion kisses from her mommy and daddy,
she’s slept in her own room twice,
(with her mommy and daddy by her side),
she’s eaten two kinds of cereal,
and two different vegetables,
she’s smiled hundreds of times,
and shed a few too many tears for her mommy’s liking,
she’s played with 5 dogs,
and crowned many new aunts and uncles
and has felt loved,
each and every instant
of each and every day.
In those 20 weeks,
I’ve done 1 sit-up,
I’ve been covered in 800 spit-ups,
I’ve gone out with my husband exactly 3 times,
I’ve had 1 good night’s sleep,
I’ve eaten for 2,
and sometimes 3 (stinkin’ oreos!),
I’ve called the Doctor approximately 25 (cough) times,
and I’ve questioned myself 10X that,
I’ve sang 300 lullabies,
read 100 stories,
conducted 1,500 Google searches,
and asked for help when I’ve needed it a few times,
I’ve had one case of mastitis,
and a week of the blues,
and gotten pooped on, peed on and covered in much more times than I can count,
and I haven’t looked back,
not even once.


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