Some things you’ve missed:

Things have a bit quiet here in the Land of Mom. Well, not in the Land of Mom, but here in the cyberland version of Ever After.
It’s not that I haven’t had what to share;
quite the opposite, in fact.
I have a million posts composed on my Blackberry, scribbled down on note paper and in my actual baby book,
and, even more in my head,
but I’ve chosen to keep them to myself for a bit.
Since I last wrote,
I turned another year older,
and so did my daughter.
That’s right.
I failed to write about my daughter’s first birthday.
The old me would be appalled.
Haven’t I been writing about my 1st birthday plans since June?
Yes. Yes I have.
But, something has changed in me.
Maybe it’s the extra year I gained.
Maybe it’s the feeling of time slipping by so quickly that I cannot justify sitting behind a computer screen writing about my baby, when really, I could just be kissing her little face and breathing her in.
Maybe it’s the result of an April Fool’s Joke that went awry and scared the bejeezus out of me.
Maybe it’s something more.
But, I’ve chosen to keep some things close to the vest,
and I hope that you forgive me.
So, for today, I will give you some snippets of what you may have missed,
while I’ve been busy living
in the Ever After.
But, for now, I must leave you. My daughter just came over to me. She wants to dance to Solid Gold Oldies in my arms.
And I will never say no to an 8 am dance party.
I’m still me,
after all.

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