On my daughter’s Birthday,

I expected to take her to the zoo. Or to a kiddie theme park. Or to a parade, in her honor.
I expected to dress her in a tutu.
I expected to eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
But, my daughter’s birthday was the day of the first Passover Seder.
So, on my daughter’s birthday, we visited my parents to help them cook for 37 people,
and ended up eating Matzohball soup with my mom and dad, Mommom and Aunt,
while sitting on the floor,
atop an old blanket that was woven by my great-great-Aunt.
All 6 of us, sitting on that old blanket, laughing and loving.
I guess that says it all about the fabric of our family.
Not what I expected out of my daughter’s birthday.
Oh, but we did manage to eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
So, I guess it was a little of what I expected. And so much more.

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