sweethearts forever

I have a confession to make—
I chose my wedding song before I got engaged.
In fact, it was before I even met my husband.
I chose the song that we would dance our first dance to,
Not realizing, mind you, that the man I would be dancing that first dance with
was riding the same yellow school bus as I, completely unaware of one another until years later,
Long before I cut him off while driving in my old, black sedan
(but that is another story for another day).
I chose my wedding song when I was a kid.

I will never forget the day that my dad brought me into our den and put a new CD into our bulky, black CD player (the kind that had a separate stereo that needed to be turned on and tuned a certain way before playing music).
It was Voodoo Lounge.
I was hooked.
I listened contently and loved completely.
Then, track 10 began to play,
The soft sound of steel drums as the perfect prelude to Mick’s sultry voice.
Sweethearts together
We’ve only just begun
Sweethearts together
We’ll take life as it comes
Sweathearts forever
Two hearts together as one

In that moment, I told my dad that “Sweethearts Together” would be my wedding song.
I remember him laughing.
He said that I was the only 10 year old to choose a Rolling Stones song for my wedding, but that he couldn’t be more proud.

Well, of course, when my husband I did meet,
“Sweethearts Together” was a prerequisite.
He didn’t have a choice in the matter.
Fortunately for both of us, not only is my husband a huge Stones fan, but he also happened to see the Voodoo Lounge concert.
It was a done deal.
Everything about our wedding was magical, including our first dance.
And, we’ve continued to dance to “Sweethearts Together” on our anniversaries, as we’ve gotten remarried each year on that date, ever since
(again, another story for another day).
When I was pregnant, I would play music for my daughter inside my belly, and was even able to gauge which songs and styles of music she most preferred (or so I’ve convinced myself).
A perpetual favorite?
“Sweethearts Together”.
What can I say,
Girl after my own heart.

“Sweethearts Together” has been an incredibly powerful, meaningful song in the soundtrack of my life.
However, with all that it has meant to me over the years,
Nothing beats slow-dancing with my daughter,
By the light of the small, carved bird lamp in her nursery,
To those steel drums and Mick’s most evocative melody.
And now, this song I’ve treasured for so many years has a whole new meaning for me.

Sweethearts together
When two hearts beat as one
Sweethearts together
We’ve only just begun
Sweethearts forever
Two hearts together as one
As one

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