The holy (nail) grail.

I have written before, many, many times, on both this site and over on the other, about my obsession with color.
I am obsessed with the color of my hair. I am obsessed with the color of my rooms (and yours). And I am Ob. Sessed. With nail color.
And it’s weird. Because it has nothing to do with being fancy-pants or pampering. I just love to go outside of the box.
I thought I had reached the apex of my creativity here, but oh no.
Today Blanca and I took things to a whole new level.
We must have tried out 10 different shades before deciding on OPI Scores a Goal with metallic tips. Check out these bad boys:
It’s a terrible iPhone photo, but hopefully you can see the fun that is on my fingertips.
Wait. My husband just said that the above photo was too bad to even post. He made me try again.
And there is no other point this this post.
But sometimes we deal with real life hard things, so we have to allow ourselves to get joy in small things. Like sparkly nails.

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