You know you have a girlie girl when…

You know you have a girlie girl when…
She goes to Rosh Hashana dinner with lipstick on her teeth;
She says “gown” instead of down”;
You lose sight of her in the mall and find her here:

You can always spot her in her hiding spots because of her pink, sparkly shoes. (See above.);
She loves to brush her dolly’s hair. And her Sesame characters’ hair. And her own hair. And, this morning, she tried to brush her cup’s “hair”.  And then, I spotted her going towards her giant bouncy ball, waving her hair brush. I had to look away;
Her giant bouncy ball is pink;
She is named for a Disney Princess;
She won’t leave home without her vintage Gucci “Pock-book” and Abby Cadabby;
She sits on my lap, every morning, as I put on makeup, and as I brush and paint, she smells my perfumes and makes faces in the mirror and plays with every potion she can get her hands on;
She almost always refuses to give out high fives, but will show you her shoes every. single. time.;
She cries, hysterically, if I try to change her diaper, but squeals with glee if I try to put her in a tutu;
So, yes, that’s how you know you’ve got a girlie girl…
Or, at the very least, what I know about the girlie girl that I call mine.

  • Sharla Feldscher
    October 3, 2011

    AND, your “girlie girl” could have her make up case just for HER things, with a little standing mirror, so when you put on your make up, she can put on hers, too. Sometimes a non-allergenic compact of powder is all she’ll need! And, that takes care of the mirror, too! Have fun in Princess-land!

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