A Happy Story (for a Happy Birthday!)

In the spirit of my husband’s birthday,

and the fact that things have been heavy (yet hopeful) around these parts,

I decided to go spelunking, way back into the cavernous, yet delightful, happy story of my past.

As I mentioned yesterday, I receive so many messages from people who are feeling off, or alone, or just simply down, so I have decided to dig up some old happy stories for you, so that if you need a quick pick me up (while we eat any of the cake that is leftover from breakfast. Oh yes. The cake given to me by the girl whom I told I loved!) then here is a virtual sweet treat for you. I hand-picked some posts that I thought would let you get to know me better–the old me–when I was a new mother. I feel so blessed to have written this blog daily for 4 years, as I have my daughter’s entire history recorded;

I have, written down, those tiny things that I wouldn’t have remembered otherwise.

Bon Appetit.

Happy Engagemaversary

A Name is a Name is a Name

“You Know You Have a Girlie Girl When…”

Sunday, Monday, Tu(tu)esday…”

A Mother

This thing that happens.

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