And baby Mii makes 3

Funny story:
Just this evening, K and I had a hankering for some good old fashioned Donkey Kong Country.
(This, apparently, is what happens to people who have been cooped up for 72 hours.)
As a kid, Donkey Kong was my THING. I played my Supernintendo game so often,
and with such skill,
that I beat the game within a few months (which, I think for a fourth grade girl, is pretty darn fast.)
Fortunately, our Wii, which has not seen the light of day in several years, has an old school controller and a program that allows you to play old school videogames.
Why in the world are you talking my ear off about videogames, you ask?
Aren’t you, like, into Princesses and glitter and stuff, you say?
Well, when we turned on our Wii, which, again, has been sitting in the basement,
my husband said that we needed to make a Mii for our daughter.
You see, back in the day, when we first got our Wii,
four years ago, to be exact,
we made Mii characters to represent each of us
(which, for me, was like a mini makeover. You know. I am still the princessy glittery girl you think I am, after all!)
When he opened the “Mii Channel” (and yes, I totally had to ask what that was called. I’m not that into videogames) to get started on a
Mini Mii,
we couldn’t believe our eyes.
There, right in front of us,
in pigtailed glory,
was a baby Mii, made by us four years ago,
with the same name as our daughter.
She was tiny.
She had brown hair.
She had light eyes.
She had the exact name we gave our baby, four years before she was born.
She was our daughter. Mii-ified.
Neither of us could remember making her, so many years ago,
but it just goes to show you,
that before this little girl had a place in our lives and home and bed,
she had a place in our hearts.
And on our TV.

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