Beauty and the Bubbie

This week, The Disney Vault was pried open,
as Beauty and the Beast was released in High Definition.
I knew that my mom had pre-ordered the movie from the Disney Store,
because that’s just what Bubbies like my mom do,
but I happened to see a display for the new DVDs in the grocery store,
being offered with a  promotion in which you could receive a free Disney Princess thermos, box of popcorn and pumpkin with the purchase of the movie. Random assortment of swag, by the way, no?
My mom told me that while she had already ordered the movie (as well as some other crucial Belle gear for the baby), I should get another copy at the grocery, so that the baby would have a disk at our house, as well as a disk at her home, 10 minutes away.
And that, my friends, is why Bubbies
and Beauty and the Beast
are the bestest.


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