Of mice and men (and women and bunnies).

Remember my bunnies?
Well, saving them has now become my part time job.
They have made a home in our back yard,
and every time I let my dogs out, I have to hold my breath until I can be sure that there are no rabbits in sight.
And then there are the times that I do spot a rabbit,
perched under my chaise lounge,
or scampering by the shed,
and I have to scare it away before I can,
you know,
unleash the hounds.
So, I bang on the back door. This rarely works.
So, then I sneak out onto the back stoop and bark.
I bark like a dog.
Pretty ineffective, but I try nonetheless.
Other times I try to throw a stick in it’s direction, just to startle it enough to run.
Or, on days like today, the baby and I have to make 3 trips around the back yard, on three separate occasions, to get close enough to one of these little guys in order to shoo it from it’s impending (Ziggyish) doom.
Three different bunny-scaring journeys around our yard, my little girl and I took.
And as we walked
(and barked)
I told her why it was important to try to save these precious creatures.
And so, tonight, we may be covered in mosquito bites and we may have dirty feet.
And we may have neighbors that think I’m a crazy person.
But, at least my rabbits can dance another day.
So, I will continue to bark loudly and carry a big stick.
Goodnight bunnies. See ya
(and save ya)
again tomorrow.

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