‘Twas the night before Valentine’s Day

and the babe and I are busy picking out her heart day ensemble.

Lola and Zig gave it their stamp of approval.
So, you know,
we’re all good now.
And, while we’re on the subject,
as I was just writing the date,
I realized that today, February 13, 2011 is exactly the 10 year anniversary of a great
in my own life;
the day I got my braces off.
And yes.
I know.
I was a dental late bloomer of sorts.
Wanna make something of it?
So, not only am I happy that it’s almost the day o’ love,
but I’ll be smiling extra wide this evening,
as I remember my first metal free meal,
on this date,
so many years ago.
I still remember what I ate.
Guess I know what’s on our menu for this evening.
As long as my dogs approve.

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