“Tears Dry On Their Own”

As I mentioned over on 511, today I took a little trip to Anthropologie. There I found some very cool things for the body and home
but I also found something for my soul;
As I walked through the store, pushing the stroller, I heard a song come on, one I’d never heard before, and it made me start to dance and I Googled “Amy Winehouse” and a few of the lyrics and found it. Here it is:

I so want to sing this with my band.
And then, when I got home, I was changing the baby’s diaper, and I got him dressed and I put on the song again, and I picked up my baby and I danced around the room with him and he smiled with absolute delight.
I don’t want to get ahead of myself. It still isn’t great. It is still so hard. I’m still anxious, and to be honest, I still count the hours until my husband (my security blanket) gets home.
But guess what?
I’m dancing again.

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