Valentine’s Day my way.

I have made it no secret that I am actually one of those people who loves Valentine’s Day.

I don’t love it because it is a cheap or forced excuse to celebrate love; I just don’t understand not liking it. If you love someone, then tell them every day. Including on Valentine’s Day. It can be any old day. It can be a day of special treats. It can be celebrated in June. In a year when I am embracing the holidays, it was nice to wake up yesterday morning and linger in bed with both of my kids.

Yesterday I did so many lovely things, most of which I did not capture on film; I got to hug and kiss many people who mean a lot to me; I gave my daughter a “big girl” present of an assortment of free perfume samples and I watched her beam; I celebrated the birthday of a friend who has become family; I heard secrets and smiled; I watched as my husband won not one but two toys from the Claw Machine at the bowling alley; I dipped macadamia nut brownies into chocolate fondue and then drew a chocolate mustache on my face in a fancy restaurant; I squeezed into a photo booth with people I love and took silly pics; I danced at a concert where people were half my age, wearing a Kate Moss t-shirt and expensive shoes; I caught snowflakes on my tongue; I loved.

photo 2(2)

We dance partied to Grease;

photo 1(4)

photo 2(3)We got mommy daughter manicures; her nails were sparkly pink and mine looked like metallic conversation hearts;

photo 3(2)           We came home to a Valentine’s Day surprise for my daughter from a beau;

photo 4(2)Peeps sent me some love;

photo 5(1)

I watched as my daughter was made to feel special;

photo 2(5)

We ate candy;

photo 3(3)

My Mommom gave me a pack of Hanky Panky underwear;

photo 4(3)

More Peeps from more of my peeps!!;

photo 3(3)

I won a contest from Rochelle at Rodan + Fields and I wore bright red lipstick, something that I never do;

photo 5(2)

I got to be silly with friends;

photo 1(5)

I ran down the streets of the city in the cold and wind and snow, but I felt warm;

photo 2(4)

I had a wonderful day.

I hope that you did too.

And if you haven’t been wished it yet, Happy Valentine’s Day. Not because I have to say it, or not because someone invented a holiday to commercialize love, but because you deserve to be told.

So paint some chocolate on your face or eat a piece of candy or catch a snowflake on your tongue

and let yourself feel

just a little bit


and a lotta bit


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