All my loving

This morning, before the sun had time to rise, I had the chance to cuddle up in my little girl’s bed with my daughter, my son and my my Lola.
We all got under the covers.
My daughter held my hand, as I used my other arm to feed my son a bottle. And she asked me to sing for her. So I told her,
“There is this band and they are called The Beatles and they are amazing.”
“Okay, mommy.”
So first, I sang “I want to hold your hand.”
“I love it, mommy.” She was in a loving mood.
Then, I sang “All My Loving.”
“More!” She requested.
So I took her into The White Album and said, ‘This song is more of a story.” And I sang for her “Rocky Raccoon.”
“I like that.”
And I had my three little loves with me and I felt grateful, but I also felt something I haven’t felt¬†in a very long time;
I felt peace.
And yes, a few minutes later life set in. I had to change my son’s full diaper. Lola ran downstairs to go out. My daughter decided she wanted “I’m Alive” from Next to Normal instead of the Beatles.
But for a little while this morning, I felt content and happy and oh so very lucky.
All my loving
I will send to you
All my loving
Darling I’ll be true.

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