Crazy Things Can Happen, as Told Through Crappy Cell Phone Photography

When you become a parent, crazy things can happen.
For instance,
when you are up too late,
and slightly delirious,

You may decide to shop online, for clothing that your baby will fit into in
oh, about a year and a half.
Another crazy thing that can happen,
is when you go to Target,
for essentials,
like diapers,
and soap,
and chocolate soy milk,
and your baby just so happens to be named for your favorite Disney Princess,

this is bound to happen.
And, let us not forget,
that when you and your husband go to the mall,
and park in the lot by the Neiman Marcus children’s section,
you are at risk for this happening…

And this is just what happens to parents.
If you are lucky enough to, some day, become a grandparent, I hear it can be even worse.
Like today, when my mom called me to tell me that she got the baby a little gift….
….for when she turns four. Or five.
An embroidered muff, to wear with her winter coat.
Because, as my mom said, “It’s what every little girl needs.”
She really did say that.
Yes, crazy things can happen.
And guess what?
I love every single crazy one of them.

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  • Jessica
    July 21, 2010

    Glad I’m not the only one who feels compelled to buy every “Belle” item I lay my eyes on!

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