Dear Baby,

Why did you take so gosh darn long to fall asleep tonight?
Was it the 2 1/2 hour afternoon nap, snuggled up under the cool white sheets with Mommy as the fan whirred above our heads?
Was it the extra few bites of Mama’s key lime cupcake? Is a sugar high to blame?
Were the songs from our evening dance parties still moving in your head?
Whatever it was, you were quite the pistol tonight.
I watched you in your crib, your eyes closed like little flower petals,
and as soon as I’d creep out of your bedroom,
you’d pop right up and try to talk to me.
“OOOH!”, you’d say.
And I’d come back, kiss your little head,
and we’d start all over again.
But, alas, you finally fell asleep,
a whole 80 minutes after our bedtime first began,
and you’re now breathing deeply as you hold your PinkBeary in your arms and dream of things like Showtunes and sprinkles (or is that just what I dream of?).
And as soon as I saw that your eyes were really closed and your chest was rising and falling in your slumber,
I was able to crawl out of your room, careful not to make a noise,
while the sound of your deep breathing echoed in my ears.
And it’s been a minute now, since I crossed the threshold of your nursery,
and I already miss you.
I miss you bad.
I can’t wait to see what adventures we create tomorrow.
Love you to pieces,

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