It was bound to happen…

My poor little angel face.
She was up during the night with a fever.
Nothing makes a mama sadder than a sick little chick.
But, I can’t say our day has been a total wash;
We got to lie on the floor together, consumed in fits of giggles;
We got to bundle up in fleece jackets and breathe in the fresh autumn air;
We got to play pretend with her giant stuffed monkey, tucking it into the crib for a nap and giving it “special kisses”;
We got to make a big ol’ pot of chicken soup together, for the very first time;
And we got to see my Mommom,
who asked if we needed anything
(I said yes, the baby could really use an apple and a banana)
and showed up at our doorstep with four overflowing grocery bags.
Oh, and did you catch that? I said it was my Mommom. My grandmother. The baby’s Great-Grandmother.
Yeah, I know.  She’s amazing.
So, as I stand here, comforting my under-the-weather baby,
I rock her on my hip as I feel her temperature with my cheek against hers,
and I sing “Mommy loves the baby, Daddy loves the baby, Everybody loves the little girl.”
(A song that my grandparents once sang to me),
and I use my two free fingers to stir the chicken soup,
and I realize
I have become a real, live Jewish Mother.
What can I say?
I’ve learned from the best.

  • kat
    September 22, 2011

    I found your blog from Little Four Eyes, and find some similarities in our lives. My daughter is 1-2 months younger than your little one, and received glasses over the summer. Your first post about finding out about her glasses hit home – not necessarily for me, but as I was reading it, I was better able to understand some of the things my husband was feeling at the time, as he took the DX very hard!

    Anyhow…this post made me smile. I love how you became a “real, live, Jewish mother”! :) While I haven’t had to make chicken soup for my baby, I have become a Jewish mother by making sure she eats and eats and eats – and worry when I feel like she hasn’t eaten enough! :) (even though I know that at this age, they don’t always want or need to eat as much as we want them to!)

    I hope your little one is on the mend and is feeling better!

    • mommyeverafter
      September 23, 2011

      Thank you so much for this sweetest note! I really appreciate your insight and what you’ve shared of your story. Your daughter is lucky to have you.
      Thanks, again for the well wishes. I so appreciate them!

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