Scenes from The Bean/Happy Birthday, Twin!

So, I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret from you.
Actually, it’s kind of big…
(…at least in this land….the Land of Mom, that is.)
2 weeks ago, I spent my first weekend away WOB (without babe).
It’s taken me this long to share because
a) I had to find the right words
b) I had to process all that it meant to me
c) I have been terribly homesick for the weekend, and I was not yet ready to tap into all of the emotions that came along with it
d) I had many missed baby hugs to make up for
So, let’s start with a little question:
You have a baby, you spend every moment with her (save a few 8-10 hour stretches) for 2 weeks shy of 2 years. It’s time to leave her for the very first time. Where do you go?
I know what you’re thinking.
Duh! So obvious! (In the words of my girl, A,) Obviduh! You go see Twin!
So, after months of planning, (with a few moments of agonizing sprinkled in there) and a six hour train ride,
the husband and I arrived in Boston,
and, more specifically, into the arms of Twinny and Go Go.
It was perfection.
It was so us;
Wandering through Harvard Square, arm-in-arm;
Sharing bites of Grape Nuts Ice Cream and Anadama Bread
and sips of sparkling sake and gourmet hot cocoa;
Lingering in the Poetry and Children’s Books sections of the book store, reading about Haiku and Miro and Eric Carle;
Midnight dance parties and morning ebelskivers;
Our weekend meant so much to us. To all of us.
Our weekend made me feel light
and made me feel happy
and made me feel proud.
But, there’s only so much I can say in words.
So, here they are; Some Scenes from The Bean (and by scenes, I mean iPhone pictures of the food we ate…because that’s what you peeps really care about, right?!):

When I say that our weekend was delicious, I am not just referring to all of the sushi and onion rings and burgers and treats we indulged in during our stay. They were all great, yes, but nothing compared to the pure bliss of 3 solid days with my Twin.
And while it was hard for me to be apart from my little girl
(I missed a whole day of her life,
as that Saturday was the very first and only day of her existence that I missed seeing her wake up in the morning. It was weird, I tell you.)
it was also important.
Important for us (relationship us)
important for us (friendship us)
important for us (Twinship us)
and important for me.
Being a mother (for me) has meant giving all of myself to my little mini. But, in doing that,
in living the life of my dreams,
I lost some of my independent self along the way.
From the moment I became pregnant, my life was lo longer my own. Everything about me began to revolve around my daughter.
And so, our trip to Boston was rejuvenating. It was re-me-venating.
It was just what we needed.
And on that note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the woman who was not only the Hostess with the Mostest,
but who, in the past 7 years of our Twinship,
has taught me what it means to be a sister, a friend and a golden, genuine, top knotch human being.
Happy Birthday, to my girl, way up Nahth.
I hope that you know how much better you’ve made my life
just by being in it.
I love you and am honored today, and always, to call you my twin.
Happy birthday, Happy Everything,
Happiness Always.


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