“Show a little faith” and Superman.

A funny thing just happened. Funny as in curious and noteworthy;
I was just cuddling in bed with my husband and the baby. I heard my daughter playing quietly in the next room, not sure when she woke up, but knew she was entertaining herself. But I wanted her. I wanted the four of us to pile into my bed and I wanted to feel whole.
More than wanting it, I needed it. And I said it, out loud. I asked my husband if we could hold on off on getting out from under the covers, and making coffee and starting our routine. Because I wanted my kids in bed with me. Because sometimes, I need a reminder of strength.
And I found my daughter in her room, playing in her Calico Critters dollhouse, setting up little toy mice and meerkats, and I looked into the house,
and this:
photo-15Out of nowhere, sitting between the nursery and the bathroom, was a sign from my my Superman. My strongest of angels.
Thanks, Man of Steel. Now I can start my day.

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