Beauty and the Birthday Cake

Thank you, to the very special reader and friend,
who alerted me to the Food Network cake baking challenge this evening.
The theme?
Beauty and the Beast.
I may have a certain affinity for this very special Princess.
And let me tell you,
these cakes were more masterpiece than they were confection–they were unreal.
My apologies for the quality of these images. This is what happens when you try to snap screen shots from your TV with a dinky little Blackberry camera. Just trust me on this. The cakes were outrageous.
I’m already obsessing over how I can secure one of these bad boys for the baby’s birthday.
Good thing I still have 6 2/3 months to try!

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  • Meredith B.
    September 27, 2010

    Yay! Knowing your affinity for celebrating birthdays, I’m sure Belle will have the most beautiful cake when she turns 1!

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