giving credit where credit is due

Today, my husband managed to surprise me.
I know that I have mentioned before that I am notorious for predicting my husband’s surprises, and therefore foiling any attempts to give me a shock.
There is this cosmic connection we share,
a keen ability that we have to read one another,
that makes any surprises, large or small, nearly impossible.
For instance, for my 24th birthday, my husband told me that we were going to be doing something special, and that I should get up and get in the car.
My first thought?
Color Me Mine, to paint pottery.
And I was right.
And we had never, ever discussed a painting studio, let alone visited one, before.
Something just spoke to me.
It’s weird, right?
This lack of surprise-ability has been a running joke in our marriage.
And, I’ve got to give the boy credit, he keeps on trying.
And, sometime he succeeds.
Like, today.
When I got home from work,
there were two packages laid out on our bed.
Before I could examine them, he stopped me.
“I wanted to get two tiny treats for my two special girls,”
he began.
“First, this is for the baby. I thought this would be perfect for when she does ballet.”
“And then here, this is for you. I saw you looking online last night at cozy lounge-wear, and now that it’s really getting Fall-ish out, I wanted you to have something cozy to cuddle up in.”
Obviously, I put it on immediately. It is the epitome of Fall yumminess.
He went on to tell me that he pictured us cuddling up, on a chilly, Fall day, with hot chocolate and a movie, with me wearing this.
I mean, seriously.
Does it get better?
This surprise meant the world to me.
It was something small,
but something so thoughtful,
and special,
and genuine.
I feel blessed to have a husband who noticed my late-night, online PJ browsing, and decided to pick out a little treat for me.
I feel blessed to have a husband who knows that I’d always prefer a cozy, flannel night shirt to a lacy little slip.
I feel blessed to have a husband who thinks that’s A-OK.
I feel blessed to have a husband who, after he surprises me with these little treats, heads downstairs, and says, “I’ll get you an iced tea, light on the tea, with ice and a straw.” Because he knows that’s exactly how I prefer my favorite drink.
I feel blessed to have a husband who picks out a leotard and tutu for our 5 month old daughter to someday wear to ballet class.
I feel blessed to have a husband who has ballet class on his radar.
So, even though I’m always ragging on him for being predictable, and for not being able to give me a shock,
when I really think about it,
he manages to surprise me, every single day,
with small, thoughtful gestures,
with an unexpected hug,
with a tall glass of iced tea, just the way I like it,
and, of course,
with a pretty pink tutu,
for our ballerina to be.
It may not be shocking, but it is sincere.
So husb,
thanks for the jammies.
Thanks for the tea.
And, most of all, thanks for being you,
surprises, no surprises, tutus and all.


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