Best. Note. Ever.

Found this on my way into my parents’ house on Sunday.
(We were sitting for the pups.)

This note tickled me.
My dad knows me so well.
Oh, and did you catch his reference to Tuesday night’s dinner? He was planning a Boys Night, with an extensive and oh-so-manly menu.
But, alas, one of the men fell ill and so I received a late in the game invite, asking if I’d like to slip into the vacated spot.
Um. Duh!
So, I’ll write more about that later*. I can’t write now.
But it’s not b/c I don’t love you.

*(Forreal, though,for the full recap, make sure to check back this evening in the Family Dinner section under Tuesday Dinners. And trust me, you’ll want to see what’s in store.)

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