super sweet six month old sick day

Half Birthdays are BIG in our family.
But, you already know that.
And, I bet you can guess that no half birthday is bigger than the half birthday;
the one where the baby turns 1/2 year old.
And, um, excuse me,
but where did those 6 months go?
I guess I will have to search for them where I did for the 5 months, before.
Unfortunately, our Super Sweet Six Month Old Bash will have to be postponed.
You see, if yesterday baby wasn’t feeling so hot,
(which she wasn’t),
then today, I’m freezing cold.
And I mean that literally and figuratively.
Actually, I’m pretty sick as a dog.
Which, by the way, is a terrible expression. I don’t want my dogs to be sick. Who does? My dogs are so virile and spunky. And I don’t have the time to take care of sick dogs. I have a baby to worry about.
I attribute that awful saying to the same person who coined “sleep like a baby”. I mean, come on. Who are these babies who sleep soundly without making a peep? Yes, my daughter sleeps about 15 hours a day, but that is not without some hard work on the part of her parents. I submit that we change “sleep like a baby” to “sleep like 2 adults before they became parents”. What do you think? Are you with me?
And where in the world was I going with this?
Blame it on the lack of sleep. Last night I did not, in fact, sleep like a baby,
or a dog,
or even a sick dog,
because that would have required some sleeping,
which I did not.
our big half birthday party is going to be postponed,
but that’s OK,
seeing as that I have some major tricks,
and maybe even a few treats,
up my sleeve for that one.
Plans that may, or may not, involve some Disney Princess.
But, you’ll just have to wait and see.
I’d wink at you,
but my head hurts too much.
Which means, I should now sign off, and curl on my dog bed,
I mean,
or whatever it is that is supposed to help me to sleep while the baby is blissfully at Bubbie’s house.
I’m so glad that while I’m out of commission,
baby girl has the World’s 2nd MESODP to celebrate with.
What’s that you ask?
What is a MESODP?
Why, Most Enthusiastic Supporter of Disney Princesses, of course.
I’m sure they’re trying on ballgowns or singing “Be Our Guest” as we speak.
Happy, Happy, Happy 1/2 Birthday to my favorite Princess. You are more precious to me than you will ever, ever know, sweet dear. Mommy loves you. Mommy will always love you.
and ever after.


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