The greatest things.

Today, I experienced two of the greatest things.
First, I saw this:
(image via)
and it was like all of the stars aligned into the world’s most extraordinary moment. Nothing so perfect could actually exist, surely.
My mom and I watched the Les Miz Flash Mob from last night’s episode of “It’s a Brad Brad World” with our mouths agape, eyes wet with tears and chills running up and down our arms. Actual goosebumps. The best thing I’ve ever seen.
And I could not stop saying so. And then I started plotting how to get Gary to leave Brad for me, so that maybe, just maybe, in 10 years, we would be sitting outside at our Anniversary party, and I’d be waiting for his dry, pithy toast, when, out of nowhere, the piano intro to “La Vie Bohemme” would come cascading from between the trees, as my slew of most talented friends would make their way to the stage…
And then, this happened:

So, yeah, he’s totally mine.
And, as a side note to my current husband: If you ever want to know what my most perfect birthday present ever would be
see above.

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