Before 8am

As I start typing this post at 8:03am two thoughts are running through my head:

1. Please don’t let there be some sort of major spill, disaster, mess, destructive episode, injury or otherwise in the five minutes that I step away to write this post (during which time I have my six-year-old “babysitting”)


2. I have already done so many jobs today.

This morning, before 8am, I have been:

An IT expert (as my son tried to unlock my phone unsuccessfully so many times that he locked it for 5 minutes and I had to work that situation out.)

A chef (as each of my children have required 2 breakfasts, so far, and one needed her lunch packed.)

A police officer (I break up fights on the mean streets of my upstairs hallway.)

A teacher (my daughter had a library book to read, and I knew that her story could be sung with a melody, so how could I let that moment pass? In fact, she said, “Oh! You know this from being a teacher!” That warmed me.)

FullSizeRender(212) FullSizeRender(213)

An industrial level cleaning professional (evidently, before I woke up this morning, my son found a blue permanent marker and drew all over my white kitchen table. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mommom and the miracle product she randomly dropped off at my door last month, as Bio Cleaner, with whom I have no association, got every last drop of that blue marker off of my table.)

A social media coordinator (I like to keep things real.)


A Publicist (as a friend of mine had a Facebook post about Father of the Bride III and so obviously I had to send a group text to my mom, dad and sister STAT. It’s a thing for us.)

A lion tamer (Lola.)

A rapper (as my kids want to hear what my kids want to hear.)

MacGyver (this involved superglue, a pair of glasses and some serious ingenuity.)

A mom (as there were diapers to be changed, clothes to be put on, small spills to be cleaned, reassurance to be given, cuddles to be savored and some sleep for which I pined.)

I could go on, but, true to form, I heard my daughter just burst into tears and my son just shrieked, so now I am going to be A Referee, it seems

And it’s still before 8:30 am.


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