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I am always so honored when I get called upon to talk about my story; I love to share my take on life, my evolution as a blogger, the reason for my mental health advocacy and, as emphasized here, why I’m always #keepinitreal on social media.

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Here you can read my interview entitled ” Modern Moms ” with the fabulous members of Little Nest Portraits family,

I have to note, we go way back, Little Nest and I, and this past weekend we had the most incredible time being photographed by their owner and founder, Laura Novak Meyer.

We did a family shoot, got pictures of our kiddos and even had the chance to recreate some shots from when my daughter first came to their studio at 11 months old. Here are some cell phone shots I snapped as I watched, in awe, as my children lit up from behind the camera and in front of my eyes.



(images from behind the scenes at our photo shoot (via my cell phone!)/baby photo via Little Nest Portraits)

Thank you, again, Little Nest, for telling my story; as it is, after all, our story.

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